The people of Peace Lutheran Church invite you to join us in worship, education, and service. We gather regularly to celebrate God and hear the proclamation of the Gospel. We study the Bible together. We invest in the community with various service projects. As a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), we also provide ministries to the nation and the world through social service agencies, colleges, universities, hospitals, and church camps. We send missionaries, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, teach occupational skills, and respond to crises worldwide.

Warm and inviting, we practice hospitality as we celebrate God’s love for all of humanity through our readings from scripture each week–incessantly! You can also immerse yourself by studying the Bible at home or simply talking about what has caught your attention outside during service time; these conversations will help guide how faith is applied within this community too. While here, though – do not forget that even when separated by miles, there are still many ways our members serve one another: Whether providing ministry overseas (service projects) or helping friends across town find jobs.