The Women of the ELCA at Peace Lutheran Church meet on the fourth Tuesday each month to grow in faith and share their gifts. They believe these monthly programs are central for this pursuit, as it provides them affirmation from others who are looking towards Christlike love; promoting ministry that can be found within our own denomination (the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod) or Evangelical Lutheran Church In America – which includes all Christian groups adhering under its banner including those outside North American borders!

The Shepherds of Peace are a group of volunteers that keep the members in your local church updated about what’s happening at any given time. They also provide an opportunity for individuals with concerns or needs to come forward and be heard by bringing them before those elected into leadership roles within their respective congregations.

We are not called to be comfortable in this life. Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved him, and each time Peter answered with a resounding yes! These words were taken seriously by the Social Ministry Committee of Peace Lutheran Church, who have been diligently attempting (and doing what they can) to fulfil our needs as best we can while seeking God’s guidance for those things He wants us to do differently so that no one goes without during these cold winter months. Our congregation conducted an annual drive collecting coats/sweaters from donations around town; all proceeds will help provide warmth so children won’t need such heavy clothing anymore. This has already provided over 100 families with warm clothes